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Karen M.
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. We feel informed and comfortable and look forward to having straight teeth!
Best orthodontics in SD! I got clear braces for my top braces and metal for my bottom teeth. Couldn’t be happier!
I love that people at Orthodontics Reception are so kind and comfortable to receive treatment.
Danielle F.
Such a great experience !!!Kathleen and Dr.Liatti is the best ! 🫶🏼🫶🏼😂
Dylan J.
They have a very nice office, and the staff are kind and caring, definitely recommend.
Luca J.
The staff here are very nice and they are not scary with their tools because they explain each one and do not do it too hard.
Elsa M.
Mi experiencia sensacional el doctor litri es genial Denise un excelente en su trabajo
Jennifer C.
We visited today for a consultation. Right off the bat there were fun games and cookies for children. My son enjoyed taking about dirtbike riding with Dr. Liatti. Dr. Liatti uses state of the art equipment in his diagnostic process. The treatment plan was very reasonable and thorough.
Bella's A.
They are really nice and I love their cookies.
Nvm C.
It’s a good place
Sheela A.
I'm very impressed by Dr. Liatti's professionalism, friendliness and expertise. Will absolutely refer him to any friend or neighbor needing orthodontic treatment!
Hiliary S.
Dr. Liatti and his team are phenomenal! My initial appointment was complementary as I was able to sit down with Dr. liatti and talk to him about getting invisilgn. He took his time, answered all of my questions and even discussed an aftercare plan. I appreciated that the staff treated l me like a person and not just a number. Brittany also helped me with my payment plan. This is what made this experience different from the other clinics I was looking at when looking to get invisilgn Whenever I had a question the team responded back to me w/in the same day or the next day. The other staff are very personable. I always leave the office with a smile. The prices are affordable as well. I can't wait to continue my invisilgn treatment! I promise you will not be disappointed and will enjoy going to your dentist appointments.
Lorraine J.
Experienced orthodontist with a friendly staff and great hours.
Natalie S.
super welcoming and friendly staff and have been going here for years!!!
Noelle S.
Amazing orthodontist with a super friendly staff, beautiful office and perfect location! A++++++
Encinitas Orthodontist is super friendly and welcoming. They are committed to providing exceptional care for the patients.
Catherine S.
We love the approach of Dr. Liotti. He is a bit more conservative and thinks long term instead of just recommending braces immediately at an early age. We are very happy with the office
Whitney H.
Dr. Liatti and his team are awesome!! They are professional all the while great with my timid and nervous 6year old who has to have some ortho work. They have been so great with him, easing his mind every step of the way. So easy to communicate with, make appointments, and easy payment plans! They are absolutely fantastic, could not ask for a better local orthodontist!! And they have great hats!
Liam D.
Very nice building and staff. Was very quick and easy, was painless
Lauren W.
My 8 year old says “I love all the snacks”.Wonderful, personable service.
Sergio J.
Dr Liatti is exceptional! He pays close attention to detail and plans the orthodontic journey meticulously for his patients.
Demetra B.
Dr. Liatti and his staff came in and saved me from a previously horrible Invisalign experience. Within two weeks, I had a new treatment plan (done the correct way with the latest technologies from a board certified orthodontist) and a new caring, funny, professional team. I can't recommend Encinitas Orthodontics highly enough. I would give them 10 stars, 100, a million. Only a small percentage of orthodontists become truly board certified. With this team, you're getting a gold stamp of approval.
Paul S.
Dr Liatti and his entire are super friendly and helpful. They are transparent about the costs, procedure and very willing to answer questions. I’ll be starting with Invisalign in two weeks. I’m very glad I chose Encinitas Orthodontics and can’t wait to see the results. Thank you to the entire team for making this an easy and smooth process.
Nika F.
I had a great experience, they were so friendly and welcoming. Amazing time!
Mary R.
Doctor Liatti and his team took great care of my son. They were very thorough when describing treatment options and got us started right away. Very smooth!
Saif B.
Dr. Liatti and his entire team are so friendly, professional and welcoming. I have to say this I been to multiple dental offices never seen such a nice, neat and clean office like Encinitas office! I appreciate you guys for taking care of me and going that extra mile for your patients.Special thanks to Brittney and her awesome treatment and welcoming every time I go there. Keep up the good work.
Elaine H.
Really quick and easy
Shawn A.
Dr. Liatti is so detail oriented and stellar. Such a quality orthodontist. He makes patients feel 100% at ease with his expert knowledge of treatment options and explains the process so well. 10/10 recommended!
Leucadia S.
i love this orthodontist, i am always feeling welcome in here, and i enjoy being with the staff
Amazing service and beautiful braces
Grace M.
I love this place so much! My teeth are looking so pretty!
Sara M.
My sister goes here and everyone that works here is so nice and helpful
tahoq s
Amazing orthodontics
Sam K.
alize is the best assistant EVER
Erin K.
Amazing!! All I can say, from that start! Dr. Liatti, Alize and the whole team there is amazing. Very thorough, friendly, knowledgeable and just all around great!
roisin F.
Great service and so kind and gentle with my kids. Always flexible and ready to answer my questions.
danny S.
awesome place they will take care of you
Charlie S.
I like this place a lot they fixed my teeth. Also Alize is chill and awesome
Brittney A.
We could not be more happy with Dr. Liatti and his team. Also Mrs. Maria is the best. Not only is his work exceptional, the team is so welcoming and put my kids at ease as soon as we walked through the door. My daughter finished up her braces last year, my second is just beginning, and I am excited to bring my youngest in a year or 2! I cannot recommend them enough. (And the cookies are amazing too.) Very thankful that we found them.
Stephanie M.
My daughter was terrified to get braces but now is happily on her way to straight teeth.
Garrett R.
Great orthodontist! best in encinitas!
adrian S.
Dr. Liatti has always taken time to check in with patient/parent at every visit and answer all the questions. His obvious knowledge, professional training, and friendly presence make everyone relaxed and comfortable. However, Dr. Liatti is only one reason why this has been such a positive experience. The support and office staff are very friendly, patient, and always seem happy to help patients. I cannot speak highly enough of Liatti Orthodontics!.
Grace M.
I go here and it’s absolutely amazing! Maria is one of the orthodontists here and she is so sweet and funny! My teeth look SO AMAZING!!
Seth C.
Dr. Liatti and his entire team are the absolute best. Their work is impeccable, and their bedside manner is bar none. Super responsive, communicative, friendly, and knowledgeable. They drop everything to fit in important visits and are great about explaining complex stuff in laymen's terms. Most of all, my kids love them. I really can't recommend these guys enough.
Tairre A.
Omg I love it here the staff is amazing and soooo are the cookies haha Ms. Maria always gets my teeth together I just love her hey if you ever need to get your braces or kids braces I recommend this place for sure
Jonathan M.
We are very, very happy with Dr. Liatti and his staff!Beyond a wonderful office environment, super friendly and knowledgeable staff, bright clean environment (the cookies are always delicious!), Dr. Liatti really cares about his patients.My son was injured in a soccer match and Dr. Liatti came to the rescue!Within an hour of the match. We were in his office (on a Saturday) and he remedied the issue without any problems or pain.
Kellie Deane K.
The whole team is welcoming and professional! The staff are transparent and thorough with the process. Dr Liatti provided my son with information about braces and Invisalign, and allowed him to make the choice. We had some early orthodontic care at another clinic in Encinitas; it was more expensive and less personable. We are so happy to have found Encinitas Orthodontics!
Ivan M.
Great doctor, really friendly staff, braces work !!
Marshall R.
Maria and brittany are lit
Christopher S.
Awesome people, all the workers are awesome! - maria and brittany are the goats 🐐
paul R.
Dr Liatte and his team are friendly, well organized and professional. I obtained excellent results for my orthodontics issues, and I highly recommend Encinitas Orthodontics.
Stephen T.
Encinitas Ortho has treated our family very well. My wife has Invisalign and my son has braces. They have been very accommodating to our needs and when our son has had issues with his braces they have fixed them on the same day.I would recommend them very highly.
Shilla P.
This office is fast, friendly and efficient. Highly recommend it.
J O.
Dr Liatti is excellent and considerate. His focus is on the teeth long lasting health as well as looks. His standard is excellence for practice and service. Everyone on the staff does their very best to provide the best and most flexible service ever. Could not be happier!
Lynn F.
Miss Maria was very kind and nice and funny! And we like Dr. Liatti and rest of staff too!
Hillary A.
When I checked in I was greeted warmly and kindly by all of the staff. They made me feel very welcomed to the office and after my appointment I was even given a warm, homemade baked cookie! Dr. Liatti was kind and caring as well.
We had a consult for my 12yr old son. The staff was amazing! So helpful, insightful and detailed oriented. I’m a visual learning and really like the printed images they provide. Most importantly, my son felt really comfortable at this office and wanted to get his braces at Encinitas Orthodontics!
Nicolas C.
Thank you to the entire team at Encinitas Orthodontics for a wonderful experience. Extremely friendly, professional and helpful. From the initial consultation to the final retainer fitting the process has been very smooth. It is always a pleasure visiting their office. Highly recommended!
Amie A.
We love Dr. Liatti and his staff. They are friendly and efficient, and are always on time for our appointments. A very positive experience all around.
Kai N.
I’m in 8th grade it has been a great experience. They truly care about me and my teeth. 🦷🪥
Jack G.
From the position of a patient, I can personally say the service is a very friendly and welcoming experience. Plus, I’m not a snaggletooth anymore! Pain-free processes, great music playing in the background, and my personal favorite, free chocolate chip cookies after each visit. Our whole family loves visiting the orthodontist.
Matthew S.
Great place
Lea Belman (.
Maria is literally such a sweet person, they have great service and the staff is amazing overall, I definitely look forward to my appointments here. 🙂
Richard M.
We have been genuinely delighted with every aspect of our daughters orthodontic care. All the staff are caring, accommodating and the service has been excellent. We will be bringing our second daughter here and refer all our friends
Mike M.
Amazing place! Workers all super nice!! My teeth are looking great!
Rebecca G.
Dr. Liatti is wonderful and explains everything at each visit. Staff is super friendly.
Neenah S.
Friendly staff and excellent work! I highly recommend Encinitas Orthodontics!
Lily A.
It is a good orthotics
Alec R.
After trying so many orthodontist in the area finally found one that is able to get me proper teeth
Steven P.
Love the staff here! They are all very friendly, kind, careful, and precise with the procedures. We especially appreciate the way they accommodate working parents by offering later working hours. They even offer free cookies after appointments! Highly recommend!
Very friendly staff. Didn't try to upsell...and lots of goodies! Maria's the best!
Laura S.
I don’t like anything that has to do with my teeth. Haha.My dentist recommended that I revisit braces after having them as a kid. I had been told by other orthodontists that I wasn’t able to correct my teeth because of the recession areas I have.I was reluctant to see Dr. Liatti because I figured there was nothing that could be done.I showed up and was greeted by the most friendly people. I don’t even want to call them staff because that seems too formal for such friendly folks!I got an appointment to see Dr. Liatti and he was so understanding about my hesitation and so knowledgeable. I was very excited to finally meet an orthodontist that knew exactly how to set up my treatment with total confidence.He has this cool machine that takes photos of your face skeleton and it’s 3D!By the way, I have GOLD colored braces as an adult and they are awesome. I get compliments all the time.Go see them! Bring your whole family. You’ll be happy you did!
Jacob E.
Dr. Liatti is a fantastic orthodontist! He is very patient, knowledgeable, and kind. He took a lot of time at the beginning explaining all of our options for orthodontics, and the pros and cons of each option. He then was with us every step of the way, with regular check-ins throughout. I highly recommend him to anyone look for orthodontic work.
Mr Bob my F.
All the people here are very nice! They do a good job and know what they’re doing! Very good!
Sylvie G.
Dr. Skyler Liatti is very professional and goes out and beyond with the orthodontist services with all his patient.
Alyssa D.
After completing Invisalign several times through multiple dentists, I still wasn’t happy with my results. Dr. Liatti is helping me achieve the look that I want at a lower cost through a customized and patient friendly approach! Highly recommend this office
Adwar S.
I am shocked how wonderful this office is! Everyone is so friendly, nice, and respectful which it makes me feel like a family to me. I had my aligners here and they did amazing job, starting from 3D prints to delivering the aligners. The results were perfect, and they made my smile. If you need to have a beautiful smile then this office is your way to go. I highly recommend it.
Claudia D.
Great service. Best treatment. We love going here for orthodontic needs.
Bill V.
Very friendly place. The doctor and his staff are all very professional, kind and friendly. I would highly recommend them. They did clear aligners for my son, myself and a night guard for my wife. You can save yourself some money as they have their own on-site equipment to make your clear aligners. Also, if you’re nice….. they’ll give you a chocolate chip cookie. 😃
Amy B.
Love these people 🤍 Easy to book and quick appointments!
Latisha T.
My oldest son has always had a hard time with the dentist/doctor. Dr. Liatti has been so great with him and made the process so smooth. There is no fun part of getting braces but at least he looks forward to his visits as with each visit he leaves with a warm fresh baked cookie!
jen G.
My son is getting alligners today!I shopped around for prices and dr. opinions and am very happy with our choice.Less expensive and less busy and a great clear treatment plan.I really like the smaller office with everyone being so personable and friendly.
Tiffany G.
Encinitas Ortho is awesome! The staff is so kind and accommodating. They are super flexible if you have to change appointment times or are running behind. Dr. Liatti is honest, and very clear of the plan. We are so happy with both of our boys results. I highly recommend them!!
Sarah W.
Dr. Liatti and his team are hands down the best orthodontic office I’ve worked with. They are always so happy and kind. They remember their patients and are super knowledgeable. I went to many orthodontic consultations before being fortunate enough to find them! So happy with my service and results. LOVE their team.
Amazing service and great place to get your teeth done ✅
jonathan L.
Dr. Liatti is the best orthodontist ever!! Nate is also great!
Ruth S
After bringing my 2 oldest kids here, I finally decided to get my own braces. Very happy with the results plus the staff are very friendly.