Early Treatment With Braces For Kids

Every parent wants their child to have beautiful, straight teeth. Fortunately, Dr. Liatti and his exceptional team at Encinitas Orthodontics provide a variety of early orthodontic treatments to help your child reach the ideal smile! Early orthodontic treatment includes the use of braces and/or other appliances to correct or prevent any issues with a child’s bite or tooth alignment while he or she is still growing. Often, this may be performed before all permanent teeth have erupted, making it easier to attain the desired results.

In addition, early treatment helps avoid the development of more severe complications in the future. As a result, it is recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists that all children visit an orthodontist around the age of seven. If you believe your child needs braces, or if your child’s dentist has referred you, contact Encinitas Orthodontics today and schedule your complimentary consultation!

Common Signs Your Child May Need To See An Orthodontist

If your child is about the age of seven, it is time to consider early orthodontic treatment. Though each child is unique, there are some common indications that it’s time to see an orthodontist. For example, if your kid has trouble biting or chewing food, or if their teeth seem crowded or misaligned, this might indicate that orthodontic treatment is required. Another indication could be if your child has regular headaches or jaw pain; this might be an indication of an underlying orthodontic problem. Of course, consulting with Dr. Liatti is the best method to evaluate whether your child needs orthodontic treatment.

During your complimentary consultation, Dr. Liatti will thoroughly examine your child’s teeth and jaws and establish a treatment plan customized to their specific needs. Orthodontic treatment, when started early, can enhance not just your child’s oral health but also their self-esteem. 

How Do Braces Work?

If braces have been recommended for your child, you may be wondering about the process. Braces are a form of orthodontic treatment that aids in the alignment of the teeth and jaws. They accomplish this by gradually putting moderate pressure on the teeth. Brackets are affixed to the front of the teeth and connected by a thin metal wire called the archwire. The archwire puts gentle pressure on the teeth as it is adjusted, gradually moving them into the right place. Encinitas Orthodontics offers several options for braces for kids in Encinitas, CA, including traditional metal braces, clear braces, and the self-ligating bracket system. While having braces is a process, the results are well worth it! After treatment, your child will have a smile they can be proud of!

Life With Braces

The purpose of braces is to correct and enhance the function, health, and look of your child’s smile while integrating it with their busy lifestyle. The majority of our younger patients at Encinitas Orthodontics actually acclimate to wearing their braces faster than our adult patients!

Your child may feel some brief tightness and discomfort as their mouth adjusts to their teeth starting to move and having a new appliance in their mouth during this adjustment phase. However, you may ease this soreness by consuming soft foods and, if necessary, using over-the-counter pain medicine. We’ll also give you some orthodontic wax, which your child may use to cover any brackets that may be causing discomfort for their lips.

It will be essential for your child to know how to take care of their braces over the course of the treatment. The key to avoiding needless emergency trips to our office is to avoid any hard, sticky, and chewy foods that might break or damage the brackets and wires. You should also emphasize to your child the importance of practicing good oral hygiene. Regularly brushing and flossing their teeth thoroughly, especially after meals, will help keep their teeth white and clean while receiving treatment.