Here at Encinitas Orthodontics, we use orthodontics to fix crooked teeth, correct misaligned jaws, and enhance the overall aesthetics of our patient’s smiles. On the other hand, we employ airway orthodontics—a subset of orthodontics—to fix breathing problems and make it easier to sleep.

The growth of the mouth and face are closely tied to the condition of the airway. The greatest method to get long-term relief from an issue is to investigate its root causes rather than just treat its symptoms. Patients of all ages, from adults to young children, who require treatment in the field of airway orthodontics are welcome at Encinitas Orthodontics.

What Is Airway Orthodontics?

Dr. Liatti is proud to offer his patients airway orthodontic treatment. Airway Orthodontics strives to resolve difficulties that create breathing obstructions so that you or your child can breathe normally without effort. Airway orthodontics is primarily concerned with aiding appropriate breathing, but it also guides healthy jaw growth, leads to fewer dental and health difficulties, and improves general health. Dr. Liatti works with specialists to collaborate on airway orthodontics to determine the specific source of breathing obstruction and provide a realistic treatment.

Breathing difficulties, like most other health concerns, have consequences that go beyond what you may expect. To operate effectively, the entire body works together, and when one aspect of this system, such as your breathing, is not performing at full capacity, the rest of your body must adjust. Airway blockage can affect tongue placement, swallowing, posture, and even the appearance of the jaw and teeth. These difficulties each have their own set of symptoms that must be handled, making breathing problems the first domino to fall in a chain of health problems.

Treating Airway Disorders With Orthodontics

Encinitas Orthodontics does more than only correct teeth for patients suffering from airway difficulties. We give comprehensive treatment that includes industry-leading ways to address airway obstructions and sleep disturbances.

Nasal tubes, sinuses, jaw development, and face structural alignment are all examined. Our holistic orthodontics method enhances the likelihood of long-term relief.

Treatment approaches that rely mainly on anti-snoring devices are helpful, although they are frequently insufficient. These strategies do not address the root cause of certain issues. Combining these devices with frenectomy and other procedures for narrow palates, arches expansion, and other issues will produce superior outcomes.

Dr. Liatti will analyze your oral anatomy and facial muscles using X-rays, 3D imaging, and visual inspections during your first airway orthodontics appointment to determine the underlying causes of airway issues. Following the examination, we will develop your specific treatment plan.

Who Requires Airway Orthodontics?

Airway orthodontics is appropriate for both children and adults. In children, symptoms of the need for airway orthodontic treatment include but are not limited to hyperactivity/ADHD, mouth breathing rather than nasal breathing, chronic lethargy, periods of no breath-holding or no breathing while sleeping, rapid shallow breathing, and chronic nighttime restlessness/waking/nightmares.

Dozing off during daytime activities, feeling sleepy even after a full night’s rest, holding your breath or not breathing at all during sleep, and poor job or school performance are all signs that an adult can benefit from airway orthodontics. We are aware that these signs and symptoms in either children or adults may indicate a broader health problem. Contact our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation and obtain informed advice from our team.