Benefits Of Braces

Braces treatment provides several advantages, and at Encinitas Orthodontics, we recognize that each patient has unique reasons for pursuing this orthodontic procedure. The fact that straight teeth are healthy teeth is one of the main advantages of braces for teenagers. Cleaning your teeth with a toothbrush and floss might be difficult if they are crooked or crowded. When your teeth are straight, and your alignment is improved, your mouth also functions more efficiently. If some orthodontic problems are left untreated, they may cause pain or discomfort during eating, speaking, biting, and other activities.

In addition to improving the health of your smile, braces also improve its appearance. We have witnessed directly how attractive smiles boost our patients’ self-assurance and help them feel more capable of handling their day. Braces may be the ideal tool to help you reach your goal of having a smile you’re proud to see in the mirror.

How Do Braces Fit Into The Teen Lifestyle?

The good news is that wearing braces shouldn’t have a major influence on your active and healthy lifestyle! However, there are a few things you should remember to prevent any unnecessary issues or delays in your treatment:

    • If you want to participate in sports, be aware that you MUST wear a mouthguard while you play to protect your braces and your teeth.
    • Although maintaining good oral hygiene is always necessary, having braces makes it much more crucial. It will be necessary to brush and floss more frequently.
    • When it comes to dietary limitations, there are undoubtedly a few certain food categories that you should stay away from. Popcorn falls into this category (since the kernels might become stuck between the wire and the brackets). This also includes any hard or sticky sweets and chewy foods, such as soft pretzels or pizza crusts (such as apples). Remember that those food limitations are temporary, and you can resume your typical diet when your braces are removed!

How Do You Care For Your Braces?

Contrary to what you may have heard, maintaining your braces is not that challenging. In fact, many of the greatest techniques you employ to take care of your teeth also apply here. That being said, there are a few things you should remember to prevent any unneeded delays in your treatment.

Firstly, you should brush and floss not just in between the brackets but also in between the wires. By doing so, cavities can be avoided as well as the accumulation of plaque.

Secondly, you’ll need to get used to the thought that regular trips to the orthodontist will be required during your treatment. Dr. Liatti will definitely need to check in on you to make sure that your treatment is going exactly as it should be, and periodic changes to the wire will be required.

Lastly, teenagers often have braces on for one to two years. Although this timeframe may change based on the severity of the problem as well as the exact sort of problems you are seeking to resolve.

We are eager to get you started on the path to a beautiful, healthy smile because we know that when you feel good about your teeth, you look good about yourself.