Providing service through volunteer dentistry

Dr. Chenard has been helping others as a volunteer since the age of 10, when he met a disabled boy in his neighborhood.  His mother had told him the story of his neighbor who had been hit by a car and wasn’t able to talk or walk again.  As a child, Dr. Chenard decided to make regular visits to the boy’s house to read him stories and try to bring him happiness and help him to smile.  After that experience, Dr. Chenard knew that he wanted to live his life in a way that would enable him to bring others health and happiness.  After pursuing a career in dentistry, Dr. Chenard realized that he would be able to help others by donating his time as a volunteer dentist.  He has participated in dentistry mission trips to costa rica, nepal, and many cities in mexico.  He currently volunteers at the Ensenada dental clinic run by the UCSD Flying Samaritans and Western University dental school.  Even though he specializes in Orthodontics, he continues to give back to those in need of basic dental services across the globe through performing volunteer general dentisty.

Mission trip to Nepal

Mission trip to San Jose Costa Rica

Mission trip to Ensenada with UCSD dental club

Mission trip to Sanchez-Taboada ministry with Mariners Church in Orange County